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About Us

The Asia Expedition Tours Consultant Team are the professionals who talk to you from the very beginning. They are the creators and designers of your tour proposal. Though you may not meet them face-to-face, they will keep in constant contact with you and will stand behind you during your entire trip. They may become long-term China & Asia travel consultants for you and your friends.

The members of this team are all university graduates in English and/or Tourism studies, with a great command of both written and spoken English. Most of them started their careers as frontline tour guides, so they know what you want and need. What guarantees their effective and patient work, motivating them to check their e-mail every hour, no matter when or where they are? Is it their work discipline? Yes, but not simply this. It is their passion and sense of purpose in their work that gives them such efficiency! They love their work and are very keen to invite people to come to their country to visit places of interests, taste delicious foods, meet friendly locals, and learn about rich culture. So, let’s say hi here!

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