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Why Us

Asia Expedition Tours is a classy travel company reputed for quality private tours to Indochina, other Southeast countries, South Asia, East Asia and most other Asian countries. It is the sister sub-brand name of China Expedition Tours, both operated by Guilin Comfort International Travel Service Co., Ltd. With 10+ years dedication to reasonably-priced private tours for families, couples, friend travelers, students and companies. We are always confident to offer you an authentic tour experience to Asia at your needs and budgets.

  • Authentic and Customizable Tours

Every one of our tours is Authentic and unique, as we clearly understand that different strokes for different folks and every traveler is unique! When we customize a tour for you, you can rest assured that our team is doing our best to make your itinerary a reality using our dynamic portfolio of options.

  • Local Expert Guides

All of our tour guides are locals to the country or city they help you explore. Fluent in English and equipped with international-standard first aid training and years of experience, our guides will help you get closer to the heart and soul of Asia while providing you safety and security.

  • 24/7/365 Seamless Supports

Travel can be unpredictable, especially abroad. AET is dedicated to providing you with support all the time of the day. Whether you need to confirm a booking, make a change or add to your itinerary before your trip or during your trip, our teams are always at your service 24/7/365.

  • Dedicated Travel Consultants

Not sure where to start? When you click our ‘customize tour’ button, you’re put in touch with a travel expert with the answers you need. Your dedicated sales agent will help you create the perfect itinerary for you – and will support you from planning, to booking to travelling. You’re never alone when you travel with Absolute Asia Tours.

  • Easy Secure Payment and Money refundable

No matter you are PayPal fans or you’ve got used to credit card, it’s easy and safe to do the payment step. In case any unexpected dissatisfaction happens, if it is up to us and the reason is logical, sound and sufficient, we would refund it after the investigation.

  • Elaborately Chosen Suppliers

No matter when choosing local partners or designing our tours, we are always committed to selecting the most suitable ones. Our teams know the difference between good and great, which is the guideline of finding our partners, our experiences and our destinations.

  • Responsible and Ethical Tours

On our trips, we work in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We work with our customers and the people we visit to ensure economic benefits go directly to communities and to contribute to local cultural and environmental conservation. This is good for the communities we visit and also gives our travelers more enriched adventures – a home-stay in a tribal village, for example, or using small family-run accommodation is beneficial to communities, but it’s also great for travelers who want to really experience the true feeling of the place they’re visiting.

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